SEO Training in Nepal For Beginners

SEO Training in Nepal for beginners will help you to optimize your website and get on the top of the search result which will ultimately increase your traffic, sales or leads.

SEO Training in Nepal | For Beginners

What are the requirements?
No website or prior knowledge required. This course is for beginners and we will start from scratch.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn Fundamental concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword Research- Find the best keywords for your website (money website).
  • On Page Optimization – Increase your website visibility in different Search Engines.
  • Off Page Optimization – Increase authority than your competitors which ultimately puts your website on top of Google.

What is the target audience?
This SEO Training is for website owners, bloggers, startups or for those willing to improve their concepts about SEO. This course is not for those willing to learn advanced SEO Techniques or black hat techniques. This course is only for beginners.

Course Module

  1. What is SEO and How Search Engine Work
  2. A Brief History of SEO
  3. Keyword Research
  4. On Site SEO
  5. On Page SEO
  6. Off Page SEO
  7. SEO For Local Business
  8. How to Measure SEO
  9. Course Recap & Closing Thoughts

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